5 Recommended Types of Extreme Diets for Fast Weight Loss

5 Recommended Types of Extreme Diets for Fast Weight Loss - Apple

Have you ever tried to conduct extreme diets for fast weight loss? It sounds to be effective for making your body slimming and ideal quickly. To reach it, it needs difficult efforts. Extreme diets should be kept away from some of the people because it is regarded to be less safe for the health. 

The diets seem to torture body in which dieters should not only consume certain food and avoid the others. Here are some kinds of extreme diets for weight loss.

Apple Vinegar Diet

Diet using apple vinegar was so popular in 80s. The people who want to conduct diet with apple vinegar should drink the mixture of apple and liquid routinely for every day. This is aimed at burning fats and removing it from the body. 

Though it is very effective for the body health, you have to consult it to the doctor. It is used to minimize the appearance of digestive disease because it is sour to the digestive organs. For those who do not last with apple vinegar, it is probably appearing some side effects. So, you have to be careful on it.

Cabbage and Vegetable Sauce Diet

Cabbage and vegetable sauce can be other extreme diets for fast weight loss. Cabbage is one of recommended vegetables to lose weight effectively. The cabbage eaten in the form of soup can be a main food kind for those who want to do extreme diets for reducing weight. 

By conducting this diet program, it has been claimed that it is useful to decrease weight until 10 to 15 pounds in a week. It is so really amazing. Then, vegetable sauce diet becomes a diet type that is possible to do. The rules of this diet are only consuming vegetables put into special sauce or olive oil.

HCG Diet

This diet method is a diet method combining extreme steps like doing exercises minimally two hours per day. You may include consume drugs to decrease the assumption of calorie in the body with the number of 500 to 800 calories per a day. This is not strongly recommended for adults because they need 2000 calories per a day. It is risky to your body health.

Victoria Beckham Diet

The wife of David Beckham takes a very dangerous diet program. She takes 400 calorie diet. This diet method is claimed to reduce the weight significantly. This is not only done by Victoria Beckham but it is conducted by some other celebrities like Linda Evangelista, Angelina Jolie, and many more. 

The main principle of this diet is not eating more than 400 calorie per a day. It is very risky and harmful for the body health. To run this diet program, it needs constituency to estimate calorie in your food. In addition, it enables you to consume dangerous junk food.

Beverly Hills Diet

The last extreme diets for fast weight loss are Beverly Hills Diet. This is applied by Hollywood star, Jodie Foster. The main principle of this diet is only eating fruits in the first-ten day. After ten days, it is allowed consuming protein and carbohydrate without other food kinds. The diet program result is losing your weight 8 kilogram in a month. But, you have to be ready on suffering digestive problems for longer time.

Reducing weight will never hurt you if you take the right diet program especially for women. The diet program should include ways to release body metabolism quickly and bring sexy body to women. Without restricting food types and working a lot, you can enjoy your diet program. You do not have any solutions expect implementing Fat Loss Factor plans to help weight loss effectively. It does hurt you or even gets you painful.

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