Compression Garments for Weight Loss


Compression garments were actually inspired by whalebone corsets that were very popular in the past. The corsets functioned well in helping women to have excellent body look. Indeed, the corsets gave better shape to the body. This is just what all women with overweight problems always dream of. They want to have wonderful body shape. 

Unfortunately, all of their efforts just will not help in making the dream comes true. The compression garments give a new hope because they can shape a fat body and make it looks slimmer. Even, there are many compression garments designed for gaining weight loss.

The way compressions garments for weight loss work is giving pressure to the body and shape it. In order to reach the aim of shaping the body, compression garments are made of special material such as spandex and lycra. The garments are also cut based on special pattern so that the desired shape of the body can be gained.

For women who are not accustomed with it will find it is an uncomfortable way to look slimmer. The pressure is the reason for this uncomfortable situation. Besides, the pressure from the compression garments to the skin and to body will cause the person who wears it produces more sweat. 

This is what the manufacturers of the compression garments explain as the way to help women lose weight. This condition will cause the person to lose her water weight, which is claimed to be the next stage of losing weight. However, this assumption is broken down by the fact that the water weight will go into the previous level right after the person rehydrate.

Actually, the compression garments do not really work in helping the weight loss. On the other hand, it only gives illusion from the shape that it can give when it is worn. Why is it called illusion? Well, the perfect look or the slimmer effect will go away right after the person take off the compression garments. It means that in order to have a slimmer look, she has to depend on this garment and to keep on wearing it.

How about the sweat? This is another illusion that the garments give. By causing the body to perspire more than usual, the person will think that she burns the fat by sweating. In fact, the sweat is only produced by the pressure that the garments give. Then, she will lose more chances of burning fat because the pressure actually limits her movement so that she does not move a lot. 

Even, wearing the compression garments may create swelling on the skin area, which will only give heavier look to the body. Moreover, it can cause health problems because the pressure obstructs good circulation in the body, which will cause dizziness, tingling, and numbness.

Still want to wear the garments? Why take a risk for the things that only give illusion if there is a better way to get weight loss fast and safe? Fat Loss Factor is a good alternative to try because it is produced based on the result of the expert’s studies and experiments for years. A lot of women have proved its effectiveness to get their ideal shape by using this product. Now, the choice is on your hand.

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