Beginner Workout Routines for Weight Loss

cardio workout

Doing some workout routines for weight loss is obviously one of the best ways to achieve the goal. Aside from losing weight doing workouts routinely can help you build your physique and improves your health. 

For beginners, there are some things to prepare first before the plunge right into the workout routines. They need to plan their workout routine in order for it to be easier and the goals can be achieved without taxing too much on their body.

1. Time

In order to achieve the best result from your workout routines for weight loss you need to schedule your workout regularly. For beginners three days a week would be a good workout schedule. You will also need a rest day between your workout days so that your body can rest and be accustomed to the workout routines. 

You should put in resistance training and cardio training in your workout days. Take thirty minutes to one hour cardio training as a warm up before your resistance training would be best. If you cannot do both trainings in the same day, do cardio trainings the day after you done your resistance training.

2. Goals

In order to keep your motivation through the whole weight loss programs you have created, you need to set up goals that make sense and achievable, but still challenging. Set clear method of assessment that you're able to check every 6 weeks. You can check your body weight, waist size, strength, and fat percentage. 

Set a goal for a certain amount of time but do not expect immediate result from your workout. Grant yourself a small reward, such as going to the movies or a new outfit, after certain goals are achieved in your workout routine for weight loss in order to keep you motivated.

3. Cardio and Strength Workout

There are two kinds of workouts you need to do in order to lose weight, cardio and strength workout. For your strength training, choose fifteen workouts that target your major group of muscles. Three basic trainings that you need to do are squats, shoulder presses, and deadlifts. Do these workouts for about ten repetitions and rest for about three minutes between each workout. 

For the cardio workout, choose one to three aerobics exercise you enjoy doing in order to improve your heart levels on an extended time period. For your workout routine for weight loss, try to maintain your heart rate between sixty and seventy percent for about thirty minutes. To monitor your heart rate use the machine that is provided by the gym.

4. The Fat Loss Factor Diet Program

Another way that can help you in your weight lost effort is by following a tested weight loss program. One program that has been acknowledged is Fat Loss Factor programs. This program will help you burn your fat and manage your diet for the entire program. 

Following the instruction of Fat Loss Factor program will enable you to lose your weight and keep them off of your body without having any food cravings or plateaus, and your energy will not diminished and you will not undergoes exhausting fatigues doing the workout routines for weight loss.

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