Body Wrap for Weight Loss

Some of spa offer body wrap for weight loss treatment that use popular herbs such as honey, chocolate, rosemary and other that make your body wrap relaxing and moisturizing. Body wrap first become popular in 1980’s and in 90’.

body wrap for weight loss

The body wrap treatment in spa usually uses darkened room, soft music, flickering candles and massage table. The type of body wrap that usually use is thermal blanket of plastic. When you do body wrap and combine with diet and exercise, you can trim few inches in your body size. In addition, body wrap is effective to reduce the cellulite appearance, trim your belly fat, tighten your thighs and tones your skin.

Consider for the body wrap, this treatment divide into four steps define of body warp. The recent body wraps cover your body in a body mask and then compressed with plants or herbs or cream and lotions.  After that, you will be wrapped using plastic for certain times, usually 20 minutes and then your body will keep to stay warm and outside your sweat.

Do body wrap is effective for weight loss? The answer is ambiguous. This might not give you the lasting effect for your body weight loss because from the nature effect from your body wrap is the dehydration makes you lose your water and fat from your body through dehydration.

However, the theory of burning fat through skin is almost impossible. Once you leave the spa, treatment and drink or eat your meals, the sweat that loses from body wrap replaced. Therefore, consider to use body wrap treatment for your weight loss is crucial to add and combine with diet plans and exercises. If you are consider for body wrap, remember for check your body condition.

Although it doesn’t use any chemical ingredient because some of them use herbs ingredient, you still need to aware for the wrapping body ideas. If you have pre-existing health problem, you need to consult with your doctor. People with heart disease or problem with vascular can experience for harder heart work. The effect of dehydration from body wrap will reduce blood volume and makes your heart need to work harder to pump your blood and maintain the blood pressure. 

The compression in body wrap is able to cause body circulation problem that can lead stress to your organs. In addition, the process of heating might makes you experience for hyperthermia.

If you are considering losing your weight, the best thing to do is consider for the fact from the treatment. There is several diets that match with someone and lose much of fat in a week, and some of others use similar diet types and get nothing. The answer is because they have different pre-existing body health and condition that make them reach different achievement.

If you consider for doing diet treatment and do exercises, choose diet plans that understand your body and safe for your health. The nature diet tips that manipulate body hormone such as Leptin is good recommended diet plans that combine with exercises. The diet plans proved increase your body metabolism that will burn your fat even when you do your daily activity.

By manipulate Leptin hormone to burn your fat, this diet also work for people who have genetic problem that makes them hard to fat burn and slimmer with ordinary diet plans. 

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