Burn Your Fat Effectively Using Cardio Exercises

best cardio for weight loss
You can manage the fat deposit in your body by controlling your calorie intake. When you eat foods, their calorie will be transformed into energy that your body needs to carry out metabolic and physical activities.

If there are calories that your body doesn’t use, they will be stored as fat. A pound of fat is equal to approximately 3500 calories. If you don’t want the fat deposit in your body to cause fatness and other health problems, you should limit your calorie intake and more importantly, you should burn the deposited fat in your body.

The deposited fat in your body is burnt through regular metabolic and physical activities and through exercises. When you walk to your workplace, do your jobs and perform any other strenuous activities, your fat will gradually be burnt.

As long as you don’t supply your body with more calories, your body will always rely on your fat to generate energy. If you want the fat burning process to be more systematic and effective, you should perform physical exercises. Any exercises that you perform can help you burn your fat; however, to achieve the most effective fat burning result, you should perform cardio or aerobic exercises regularly.

The other exercise type-the strength or anaerobic exercise that can help you burn your fat, but it is not as effective as aerobic exercise. You can, however, combine cardio exercise and strength exercise to burn your fat and to build your muscle at the same time. An attractive physique is not only fatless, but also perfectly toned.

What is the best cardio for weight loss that you can perform? The following are several aerobic exercises that are quite easy and cheap to perform.

1Walking, jogging and running

Don’t you know that you can burn a lot of fat simply by walking? The average calories that are burnt when you walk for one hour are 275. You can burn more calories if you walk faster or on a hilly terrain. When you jog or run, you can burn twice as many calories.

Walking is a good exercise for everyone, but people who are unable to run, such as obese people and those suffering from arthritis will find walking the only aerobic exercise that they can perform. If you are aware how many calories that you can burn through a regular walking activity, you may want to leave your car parked in your garage and to go to your workplace on foot.

2.  Interval and circuit training

Interval exercises, such as cycling and exercising on elliptical machine, and circuit training, such as squatting and mountain climbing, can burn a lot of calories and help you build your muscle. You may want to perform both trainings if you want to effectively burn your fat.
Besides burning your fat, limiting the calories that you take is also important. The biggest challenge that you have to face when limiting your calorie intake is appetite control.

If it is difficult for you to control your appetite particularly because you are suffering leptin resistance, the Fat Loss Factor program will help you solve problems related to appetite control.

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