Juices for Weight Loss

Beet Nik for Weight Loss

Are you wondering whether juices can help losing weight? In their effort to lose weight, people usually willingly do various methods. 

When they hear that their friends or celebrities can successfully lose weight using a certain method, they usually become interested in figuring out more information about the method. As when they hear about juices for weight loss, they want to know more about it.

Benefits of Juicing for Weight Loss

Actually, juicing for weight loss is the best solution for a healthy weight loss diet. This is possible because juices that you drink can function as a natural appetite suppressant. Finding a synthetic appetite suppressant or supplement to suppress appetite in this internet era is really easy because it is widely available on the internet.

However, because such product possibly has harmful side effects, it is actually not worth to buy. You might successfully suppress your appetite but the side effects will cost you more. Drinking a glass of juice before your meal can help diminishing your hunger, making you eat less. 

This is certainly great for your weight loss plan because the lesser the meal intake is, the faster the weight loss process is. 

How to Use Juices in Your Weight Loss Plan

In order to get the best result from juices for weight loss, you need to know the appropriate way to use it. Basically, if you plan to reduce your weight with juices, you should not rely solely on juices. This is because juices are lack of fiber and protein. The best way to get the benefits of juices is to use blender juices. This method allows you to use all ingredients so that you can still get the benefits of fiber.

Then, you need to combine juices with regular exercises. You need to burn calories by doing exercises. If you combine juices and exercises, you certainly will be able to lose weight healthily because the juices contain lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. 

3 Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

Choosing the right ingredients for your juices are really important because some ingredients might contain better nutrients than others. The followings are 3 examples of juices for weight loss.
  • Collard Cooler – To make this juice, you will need 2 leaves collard greens, 2 ½ medium apples, ½ medium cucumber, 2 stalk celery, ½ medium lemon, and ½ medium lime.
  • Beet Nik – You will need 1 medium apple, 1 beet root, 8 medium carrots, 2 stalks of large celery, and 3 cup spinach.
  • Mean Green – To make a glass of juice, you need 2 medium apples, 4 stalks of large celery, 1 cucumber, 1 thumb ginger root, 6 kale leaves, and ½ lemon.

To make the juices, you can either use a juicer or a blender. If you use a blender, you need to some water. Drinking the juice right after you make it is the best way to drink. Then, you drink the juices before every meal in order to suppress the appetite because the juices can make you full easier.

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