Patti Stanger Weight Loss Programs


Patti Stanger is one of the most known American celebrities known for her TV program, The Millionaire Matchmaker and her Patti Stanger weight loss news. 

Another achievement that she had shown the public is her success in maintaining her weight for the past three years. 

Here are some tips you can get from Patti Stanger’s weight loss program.

1. Diet

Patti Stanger tried many kinds of diet before finally admitted that she cannot part with the food she likes. However, in order to achieve her goal Stanger finally settled on a diet that suit her most. Patti Stanger weight loss program required her to avoid any processed food including foods with fats and sodium and junk foods. 

She started to consume bread more with adequate fibers. However, she would try to sneak up a weak cheat meal whenever she misses her favorite food. She maintained her gluten free diet in order to maintain her weight up till today.

This achievement is not without hard work on her part. She consulted her doctor and follows a certain diet program which shreds excessive weight through appetite control. There are no pills, food supplements, or calorie calculation involved in Patti Stanger weight loss program. 

The appetite control Stanger trained in will enhance the sense of smell that send full signal to the brain and enabled her to be satisfied with less food on her plate. By satiating the brain’s stimulus for food, this method also eliminates recurrent cravings and hunger pangs.

This Patti Stanger weight loss method was doing is the most effective amongst the ones she had tried. Because of the brain controls she managed to eat smaller portion of food and she managed to lose about twenty pounds when she first tried this method. 

She also started using another method using the powder her doctor recommended which is actually food flakes and managed to lose more weight. She ends up losing thirty five pounds in eight months.

2. Exercise

Another thing that Stanger did besides controlling her appetite is doing some exercise regularly. Stanger enjoys doing Zumba dance and a pole dancing workout called ‘S Factor’. She also goes to the gym and exercised in the gym regularly. 

By balancing her diet and doing routine workout, Stanger managed to maintain her slim and fit build even in her fifties. In order to make the exercise not too taxing for you who just begin your weight loss program, do something basic first such as doing squats and deadlifts. Doing exercises that you enjoy will also help you achieve your weight loss goals more enjoyably.

3. Fat Loss Factor Program

If you want to try some diet program similar to Patti Stanger’s weight loss method, try to do Fat Loss Factor program. That method have helped many people who want to lose weight. 

There are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to be able to reach your goal. Fat Loss Factor strategies had been proven and perfected by many people who want to have better health and body. With Fat Loss Factor you will not endure any cravings, plateaus, or diminished energy and fatigue, the same with Patti Stanger weight loss program.

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