The Journey of Wynonna Judd Weight Loss

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss - Delicious Fruits

Obesity and overweight has become a very serious problem because of the fact that they can lead to health problems such as heart diseases. 

This is the reason that motivates people with obesity and overweight problem to try many efforts in order to get weight loss. Even artists also have the same problem and have to do a lot of efforts just to lose weight.

Most of them even show a very satisfying result like wynonna judd weight loss. This popular country singer had trouble with obesity years ago. 

It was until she experienced two health problems that she finally decided to hold serious efforts of losing weight. Her doctors actually were the first people who told her to lose weight. They found a serious problem with her lung because there were blood clots there. Also, she had a serious complication problem after the surgery. There was a serious damage on her stomach muscles, which warned her to start losing weight and to get the damaged muscles repaired.

What actually Wynonna Judd did in order to lose weight?

She did not take her obesity as a serious problem before doctors convinced her that it was crucial to lose weight for the sake of her health. She decided to change her lifestyle and make it healthier than before. 

She started by taking a brain state conditioning treatment. This treatment was intended to help her free from her habit of using foods as the way to relieve stress. She said that her obesity is only the symptom, not the exact problem. She used to reward herself by eating a lot of foods that she wanted, and that it helped her to feel comfortable and happy.

The brain conditioning treatment convinced her that it was a very bad habit and that she had no other choice unless taking the best effort to stop it. In order to help her reach her goal of having better lifestyle and change her bad habit in eating, she decided to have a pantry makeover. She did not have any donuts because of the fact that she could even eat a box of donuts when she had them in the refrigerator. She picked healthier foods and dismissing any foods like chips in the pantry.

Moreover, she understood that the change in her eating habit should still be accompanied by doing exercise. It was just a little bit difficult for her to start it. Then, she decided to take a simple and easy move by walking around her house. She did it every day and kept on believing that it would help her so much in losing weight. There were still some efforts that she carried out in order to get weight loss.

As a result, after 6 months hard efforts, she could lose about 55 lbs from her weight. Also, she got new size for her dress. Indeed, her current dress size is five-size smaller than her previous dress size. It makes her get a new life and a brand new feeling.

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