Weight Loss Caused by Antidepressant

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It seems every single thing which has association with effective method for losing weight can be very attractive topic for many people. 

There is no question that people want to lose weight very quickly but many of them cannot get the expected result as soon as possible with the natural method for losing weight.

That is why they start looking for the method for more extreme way to lose weight. Some people maybe have ever heard about antidepressants that cause weight loss. They think that it must be interesting option because trying to lose weight can be depressing process for them.

The main use of antidepressant actually is for treating depression and other mental illness including panic attack as well as anxiety. However, there are also some antidepressants which are able to promote the weight loss. Although it sounds tempting for many people who are depressed for losing weight, people must not forget that just like any other medication, there will be side effects which can be found from the antidepressant.

There are various types of antidepressant product which are offered in the market and we can make sure that a typical antidepressant such as bupropion can promote the weight loss. It will be described for patient who needs to manage the depression as well as the symptoms of ADHD.

People who consume this antidepressant product experience the appetite which reduces significantly. They even will not feel hungry at all after taking the medication. Although this antidepressant can be effective for losing weight, the medication should be taken very carefully according to the right dosage because it can cause seizures.

There are also some severe side effects which can be caused by generic bupropion. SSRIs are the group of antidepressant which can also include weight loss as side effect. Many people who take this medication complain that they experience loss of appetite and it can cause weight loss in long period of time. However, people should not only think about the weight loss effect because they also consider about the side effect such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. The medication in SSRI group which can cause weight loss includes Prozac, Zoloft, and Celexa.

There is still another group of antidepressant medication which can lead weight loss and it is called SNRI. Of course weight loss becomes the side effect of taking this medication. People who take Cymbalta for treating their fibromyalgia can lose appetite so they experience weight loss in long period of time. 

Weight loss can also be caused by taking Effexor because it comes with side effect including the lack of appetite as well as nausea. If people take the medication with wrong dosage, they will be able to experience other side effects including the extreme fatigue as well as drowsiness.

One thing for sure, weight loss actually becomes the side effect of taking antidepressant. That is why if people really want to lose weight, they should choose the program which is really designed for losing weight with the natural and safe formula such as Fat Loss Factor.

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