Why Weight Loss Diets for Men Won’t Work for Women

Leptin Molecule

Weight loss diets for men is so much different from weight loss programs meant for women. Of course, men and women are blessed with different set of physical aspects, each of them defines the characteristics that regulates the bodily functions of both genders.

The very same concept can also be applied to weight loss programs, in which by learning how each body functions will help a great deal in determining the effectiveness of a weight loss regimen. 

Metabolism plays an important role in any weight loss attempts, and apparently, there are some differences in how metabolism work between men and women, as well as the each bodies’ capabilities of processing fat and calories. 

Understanding these differences can do wonders in speeding up the good result in any weight loss regimen. In both men and women, there’s one dominant hormone that control the capabilities of both bodies in burning fat. Leptin is the name, and this article will try to explain how it works in a nutshell.

It is common to find many women struggling with losing unwanted, excessive fats in their body, and thus women needs to choose their diet regimen wisely in order to match their body functions and quicken the expected result. 

Understanding how Leptin hormone works can help speeding up the result that you have been expecting. Leptin and metabolism work hand in hand and a high amount of Leptin can help speeding up the fat burning process in your body as well as jumpstarting the metabolism process. 

On the other hand, having a low level of Leptin hormone in your body will give you the opposite result that you wanted, as it is able to slow down the process of bodily metabolism as well as triggering your body to store more calories than to burn them as energy source.

Those things are the basic working behind Leptin, and the good news about this fat-burning hormone is, women have more Leptin hormone in their body in comparison to men. However, there are also reasons why women have so much difficulties in losing fat compared to men. 

The first reason is that women’s body is generally less responsive to the signal of Leptin hormone in comparison to men’s. Although women might store more Leptin, this less-responsiveness does make it hard to lose weight easily. This condition is usually referred as the resistance of Leptin, which can be dealt using some methods.

Another problem that is exclusive to women’s body when it comes to weight loss is that the Leptin level might be able to decrease when a women is trying to diet. Hence slowing down metabolism and fat-burning capacity, which can make it frustrating for many women to lose weight fast and safe. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for women to lose weight easily. In fact, women’s bodies have so much potential.

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