Bikram Yoga: Lose Your Weight Healthily

Every woman want to be in her best shape, bikram yoga weight loss can be a great alternative. To get you in your best performance you have to not only lose your weight, but also get your body a perfect shape and get your health improved.

bikram yoga diet

What is bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga is actually one of yoga styles which is developed based on traditional hatha yoga movement. It has been popular since 1970 for Bikram yoga requires you to perform only some basic yoga technique which focus on stretching and flexibility including the series 26 basic yoga poses and breathing exercise. All the activities of Bikram yoga takes your times about 90 minutes exercise.

Different from other basic yoga which focuses on meditation which is usually performed in low temperature environment, Bikram yoga focuses on burning fat. Therefore, the best environment to perform Bikram yoga is in a room with 40° C or about 104° F temperature.

As it has been known that stretching and flexibility practice is the most effective way to burn fat and shape your body, Bikram yoga performs some complex stretching poses which support you to lose weight. It is suggested for you to join Bikram yoga class in which you are trained by a certified yoga trainer for the most effective practice of bikram yoga weight loss.

Effective bikram yoga weight loss

According to Dr. Brian L. Tracy form Colorado University, Bikram yoga is indeed the most effective way to lose weight and get your body in shape at the same time. However to make sure you get its best benefits, you have to pay attention on several things before performing this “hot” yoga.

First, pay attention on your comfort. Bikram yoga requires you to perform a 90 minute session in about 104°F room, you have to make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes which keep your body temperature down.

Second, you also have to stay hydrated. Before the session, you need to drink enough water. The yoga pose will take a lot of energy and at the same time the warm temperature will make you sweat a lot. By staying hydrated you will keep your body temperature in normal temperature and at the same time help your body maintaining its metabolism. 

Third, you have to practice it in regular schedule and balance your diet. There is no short cut to get your body in shape, you have to maintain the metabolism and regularly practice this yoga in fix schedule.

At the same time, you also need to pay attention to your calories consumption. In one practice you will likely to burn 330 - 450 calories. To support your weight loss program, you have to control your eating habits. Lower your calories consumption by avoiding junk food is the best way.

It may be difficult for you who have crazy work schedule to always cook your own meal. In this case, you may need to take some diet supplements. Of course you cannot just pick the diet supplement randomly, you have to make sure that the diet supplements give you its best work system and safe. Beside performing bikram yoga weight loss you also can check 3 Week Diet products if you need some diet programs.

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