Seth Rogen Weight Loss Story

Seth Rogen weight loss is an inspiration for many people who want to reduce their weight. Seth Rogen is one of the most famous movie actors and comedians in Hollywood. He was born in Canada on April 15th 1982. People can see Seth Rogen’s brilliant comedic acting in major Hollywood movies such as Knock Out, 40 Years Old Virgin, Superbad, Funny People, The Green Hornet, and The Interview.

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In most of his movies, especially the early movies, people will recognize Seth Rogen as a super chubby guy with large belly and double chins. Yes, back then Seth Rogen was considered as one of the chubbiest actors in Hollywood. 

However, nowadays Seth Rogen has become way slimmer and looks way healthier than ever. How did Seth Rogen do it? Well, below is the story of Seth Rogen weight loss so that it can inspire you to do the same weight loss program. 

Why Did Seth Rogen Do the Weight Loss Program?

Back in 2008, Seth Rogen had to reduce his weight for at least 40 pounds for a movie role. He managed to do that however. At least he felt that the weight loss program would be so hard to do and will torture him. 

It did not turn out to be like that, Seth Rogen just had to watch his diet more carefully and get more exercise to shape his body. As the result, he managed to do the weight loss and surprised everybody in Hollywood by making appearance as a brand new Seth Rogen with slimmer body and healthier look. 

What Are the Benefits of Being Slimmer for Seth Rogen?

For Seth Rogen, being slimmer gave him a lot of benefits. Among them are the healthier body condition and that he can be more active to do his activity. Moreover, Seth Rogen was a newlywed when he did the diet. 

He felt that his marriage life was way better when he was slimmer because he could be free from the fear of getting attacked by numerous diseases caused by overweight. Seth Rogen also said that after getting slimmer, he became more watchful about his diet. He determined to always eat healthy food for the sake of his health.

An Inspiration?

If we watch Seth Rogen’s movies, we must notice that Seth often has movie together with Jonah Hill. Just like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill also had issue with his weight. Jonah Hill was also known as one of the chubbiest actors in Hollywood, just like Seth Rogen.

That is why when Seth got slimmer, people started wondering when Jonah was about to do the same thing. The people did not have to wait for a long time because in 2011, Jonah Hill appeared in the premier of Moneyball with a huge surprise for everybody in Hollywood. Jonah Hill has become a slimmer man today and the public guessed that Jonah Hill must have been considered Seth Rogen weight loss as a huge inspiration for him to do the same.

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