Want to Lose Weight Effectively? Check Your Hormonal Condition

Is there any relation between your hormones and weight loss? Yes there is. In fact your hormonal condition affects a lot of things in your body, including your metabolism system and even your feeling and mood.


What hormones affect your weight?

The first hormone which affect your weight is ghrelin or it is also known as hunger hormone. It is produced in your stomach by affecting your appetite and make you nervous when you are hungry. The abnormal grehlin condition will directly affect your eating habit.

Second is leptin. Leptin works in contrast with ghrelin, it send your brain the signal that ask you to stop eating. However, leptin work is easily distracted, take for example when you are sad or panic, leptin will over work by keeping sending the stop-eating signal to your brain. But when you get older, your body seems to be more difficult to receive the stop-eating signal from leptin.

Another hormone is insulin hormone. Insulin is a hormone which works by helping your body metabolism to process sugar in your body. If your insulin does not work well, there will be too high glucose contained in your bloodstream. It will send an eating signal to your body for the body cannot get enough energy from the glucose which is supposed to be processed. Therefore to lose weight, you also have to pay attention to the relation of hormones and weight loss before getting on any weight loss program.

Balance your hormone secretion and lose your weight

To help you losing weight effectively and get healthier at the same time, of course you have to check on your hormonal condition. If you think that there is something wrong with your appetite or other thing like too much acnes which is not normal for your age, it is likely to be a hormonal problem.

Indeed it is difficult to check it by yourself. It is suggested for you to see the doctor to check everything. To support your weight loss program, you need to balance your hormonal work. In fact each hormone in your body will work well with balance nutrition from your food. However, generally your hormonal condition can be balance by eating food which contains a lot of amino acids.

The best thing to deal with hormones and weight loss is to have fish diet. It means that you have to include fish to your daily menu, at least twice a week. It is also suggested to cook your fish well to keep the amino acid in its highest content. You can steam or grilled the fish, the best way is not to fry the fish or cook the fish too long.

It is also important to be noticed that you have to avoid any diet supplements or pills which affect your hormonal condition. These products will likely create unbalanced metabolism and may affect your metabolism system even when you have stopped consuming the products. 

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