Best Weight Loss Friendly Foods

For many people who want to lose weight, it seems like foods become the biggest enemy which should be avoided by them. Many of them will avoid many kinds of food just because they worry if their body weight can be increased.

They avoid the foods with the great expectation that the body will use the excess fat in the body for metabolism fuel. However, people forget that they eat foods not only because they have to get the energy for body metabolism but also for saving them from hunger.

Hunger actually becomes the biggest challenge which people should face because if they are not able to control it properly, their diet program can end up with emotional eating. Of course it will not be good option for them who want to lose weight.

Actually, people do not have to see the foods as big enemy for their diet program because there are some kinds of foods which are friendly for their weight loss. It means that people can incorporate the best food for weight loss in their daily menu without having great worry that it will case additional fat excess in their body.

The very first food which is friendly for weight loss is whole egg. Many people have great worry when they have to consume whole egg because they think that it has high calorie content. In fact, people can find the studies which show them that eating whole egg will not affect the cholesterol in the blood and will not cause heart attack.

Consuming whole egg will be great for weight loss program because it has high protein and healthy fats content. It will also help them to feel fuller without having to worry about the calorie amount. Whole egg is also filled with nutrient so all nutrients required by the body can be fulfilled by consuming egg especially when people are following diet with calorie restriction.

Leafy greens including spinach, collards, kale, and others are perfect foods for losing weight because it comes with low calorie and carbohydrate content. At the same time, it is filled with fiber which can help improving the body metabolism and at the same time keep the stomach fuller for longer period of time.

The nutrients including vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants comes with high content in leafy greens so people will be able to get very healthy diet with this food.

Salmon and other oily fishes are very healthy and it is also very satisfying so people will not feel hungry in short period of time. People will find it as friendly foods for weight loss because it comes with healthy fats, high quality proteins, as well as various kinds of essential nutrients.

There are still other foods which are friendly for weight loss effort including cruciferous vegetables, chicken breast, lean beef, boiled potatoes, tuna, legumes and beans, soups, cottage cheese, and many more.

Paying attention to the type of foods which people consume is important but for getting the best weight loss result, people should pay attention to the whole method of losing weight offered by The 3 Week Diet.

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