Natural Ingredients with the Best Laxtives for Weight Loss

The best laxtives for weight loss are sometimes sought by many people who have problem with their bowel. As we all know, laxtives are the kind of substance that have the ability to empty our bowel. Laxtives are also used to support weight loss because it has the ability to empty our bowel and apparently we can be slimmer in faster time when our bowel is empty.

Feeling a little bit constipated happens to many people in this world. Sometimes the problem confuses us because we have no idea why it happens and what we should do about it. One of the most popular ways to deal with the problem is by consuming the medicines or the pills or overcome the bowel movement problem.


However, consuming medicines or pills like that is not quite healthy after all. They are loaded with chemical stuff and that can be dangerous for our body if we consume it too often. That is why we should go back to nature and figure out the natural ingredients which have the best laxtives for weight loss or just for overcoming the bowel problem.

1.     Apple Cider Vinegar

It has a high level of acidity. This high acidity can restore our bowel movement and make our digestive system better. For people in weight loss program, the usage of the vinegar is suggestible. It is not only because it has the ability to make our digestive system better, but also because apple cider vinegar is loaded with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C will make our body remain healthy even though we are in a weight loss program. To consume apple cider vinegar, you can incorporate the vinegar in your salad dressing, in your sauce of your dish, or in your stew. 

However, the simplest way is by mixing one tablespoon of the vinegar with a glass of drinking water. Stir it well and drink it as the replacement of your regular water. It will make you get no problems with your bowel and your weight.

2.     Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the yummiest fruits that can be in your kitchen. However, did you know that tomatoes are loaded with high amount of fiber? Yes, the high fiber in tomato can make your digestive system better and it will restore your bowel movement. That is why tomato is considered as one of the foods with best laxtive.

Beside of that, tomato is important in your diet. Tomato is full of Vitamin C to make our body remain healty and Vitamin K to provide you healthier skin and more energy. Tomatoes are also completed with antioxidant. Antioxidant helps your metabolism system to perform better. When your metabolism system is better, your body will have the ability to cut down your fat in faster time.

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