Secret Behind Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss

Cinnamon and honey weight loss is the weight loss program that uses the goodness of cinnamon and honey to get slimmer body. As we know, weight loss program that is supported by the usage of natural ingredients such as cinnamon and honey is just the best.

Cinnamon is one of the popular spices in the world. It smells amazing and it is often used in many dishes to give unique aroma and flavor. However, people sometimes do not realize that cinnamon has the ability to reduce weight. 

As for honey, honey is probably one of the healthiest ingredients on earth. It is naturally coming from nature and it has numerous functions for our health including reducing our weight. Below is more information about cinnamon and honey weight loss.


1.     Why Cinnamon and Honey?

The combination between cinnamon and honey is just the best. The mixture between the two natural ingredients can support your weight loss program. Of course the usage of these ingredients will be no good without a proper diet and constant exercise. If honey and cinnamon are combined, they will give your body a longer full feeling.

Thus, there will be no more food cravings for you and your diet will be successful. Honey is the source of antioxidants and enzymes. Consuming honey is proven to be the way to improve our overall health. 

As for cinnamon, cinnamon is the spice that can boost the metabolism system in our body. When your metabolism system is better, your body will have the ability to produce more energy and to cut down your fat in faster time. Beside of that cinnamon can lower your cholesterol level so that your health will improve.

2.     How to Make Cinnamon and Honey Drink?

To make cinnamon and honey drink for your weight loss, you can use ground cinnamon. Ground cinnamon is easier to use and easier to find. To make the drink, mix half of teaspoon of ground cinnamon with a cup of hot water. Stir it well and leave it for at least ten minutes. 

After that you can strain the cinnamon water with strainer to get a clearer water if you like but it is completely optional. After that, mix the cinnamon water with two or three tablespoons of honey and stir it well before you drink it.

3.     When Should I Drink Cinnamon and Honey Drink?

The right times to drink the cinnamon and honey water are three times a day. First of all it is in the morning. The second time is before the lunch time (so that you will feel full faster), and the last time is before bedtime so that you do not get late night carving.

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