Which Mens Weight Loss Pills to take?

Obesity and overweight are two common health problems that people have to face. The need to lose weight is for the sake of health and appearance. The fact that the two problems can lead to several serious diseases like heart attack makes it so crucial to lose weight as soon as possible.

It motivates us to try whatever techniques to lose weight fast. What is there in the first option to take? It sounds simple and promising to get some of the mens weight loss pills. All we need to do is just taking the pills about three times a day and we will lose some pounds in one or two months.

mens weight loss pills

Phentermine is the first mens weight loss pills that we can consume. It gets the approval from FDA so that we can be sure that it is safe to consume. This drug consists of amphetamine that influences our brain’s neurotransmitter.

Then, it will minimize our appetite. This is how the drug claims that it can give us weight loss fast. We will lose appetite to eat and our body will be motivated to burn fat. Is this drug as simple as it sounds?

Unfortunately, no it is not that simple. The drug gives side effects to our body. It increases our blood pressure and heart rate, causes difficulty in sleeping and heart palpitation. The worst thing is the drug will cause addiction if it is used for long time.

The next drug for weight loss is Orlistat. It appears as a different solution for weight loss. It does not work with our appetite. On the contrary, it works in blocking the fat absorption in our body and change the fat into the digestive track. It works with our pancreas by influencing the enzyme to dissolve fat.

It claims that by taking the drug three times a day, we can block 30% fat from the foods that we consume every day. Does the idea that Orlistat bring really work? It is so sad to say because the drug only works for few of people. After stopping the drug consumption, these people start gaining weight again. Even, the drug causes diarrhea and gas. The most fatal result of taking the drug is fecal incontinence.

Is there any other option? Bontril and Hodia are two other kinds of drug that claim to be effective in getting weight loss. Bontril is actually another amphetamine drug. It also gives negative effects to our body. It can increase our blood pressure and heart rate.

Other negative effects that it can cause are insomnia, tremor, anxiety, depression, and fatique. It is even more addictive than phentermine and can annoy our nervous system. Hoodia is from Africa and is claimed as a good herbal alternative for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is not any proof about its effectiveness.

Then, why bother thinking about the best weight loss pills to consume? The 3 Week Diet is more logical than any drugs to lose weight. It is developed based on studies so that it can shoot at the target perfectly. Its step by step guidance is our key success to lose weight.

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