Setting Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss, Is it Important?

There are many kinds of efforts that we can try in order to get weight loss. Diet program, weight loss pills, and supplements are available to give us easier way to lose weight. However, doctors suggest us to get the weight loss by eating healthy foods and taking exercises regularly.

These two efforts are considered to be healthier and more effective in losing some pounds from our current weight. The key success is to do the exercise regularly because it will not force our body but let it experience regular pace of the exercise.

Talking about doing exercise regularly, we should also talk about the target heart rate for weight loss. What is meant by a target heart rate?

target heart rate for weight loss

Well, a target heart rate is important in understanding whether someone is getting the best exercise portion. It means that it is not recommended that someone takes too heavy exercise and vice versa does not have enough exercise.

Then, it is important to understand the target heart rate that someone should have in every training session.

First of all, we should know our resting heart rate. It can be gained by counting the amount of our heart beats in a minute when we are in a rest condition or before doing the exercise. The best time to check the resting heart rate is in the morning after waking up.

Commonly people who are at least 10 years have about 60 up to 100 heart beats in a minute. Athlete has different heart beat rate, which is between 40 and 60 heart beats in a minute.

In order to know our target heart rate, we should start by counting our pulse inside of the wrists for ten seconds. Then, the number of our pulse is multiplied by six.

Then, we will get the range of our target heart rate. If it is difficult to do, we can simply count our heart rate by 220 minus our age. Knowing about heart rate is considered significant in finding the best exercise duration for certain people.  

However, it is not correct. Monitoring our heart rate before, during, and after doing exercise is not really significant. It is all on our hand whether we have certain purpose of doing exercises or not.

Monitoring heart rate is crucial whenever it is related to someone who has serious heart disease. Also, it can be very important for some athletes like runners and cyclists who want to increase their performance and achievement in a competition.

The most important thing about doing exercise for weight loss is to enjoy it. The person who is doing certain exercise for the sake of losing weight should find that it is fun to do.

Lose weight in men and women is not so difficult. The most important thing you can focus on the diet program that you are doing. And for those of you who want to quickly lose weight, you can find in the 3 Weeks Diet Program. It really works in losing weight so that we can be free from such a confusion of counting our heart rate.

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