Are Bananas Good for Weight Loss or Diet?

Losing weight is important for those who are in obesity. Having proportional and ideal weight must be everyone's wish. It can improve health and give lots of other benefits. To support diet or weight loss, fruits are always included because they have rich fiber and low calories.

However, lots of people ask are bananas good for weight loss or diet. To answer this question, we need to elaborate the nutrition facts of bananas.

are bananas good for weight loss
Everyone loves banana but some people especially those who are on diet afraid of eating banana. They said banana is rich in carbohydrates and it can disturb diet program. Is it true? Let's reveal banana vs weight loss.

- Calories        

To lose weight, you have to watch on your calorie for daily intake. If you want to include banana in your dietary program, you have to count the calories as well. Basically, banana has moderate calories.

For bananas in 8-inch size, it has 121 calories. The smaller banana which has 6 inch size has lesser amount of calories or about 90. Banana is the perfect snack to eat but still, you need to eat it in proper amount.

- Fiber and Starch        

Bananas contain high fiber and resistant starch. As the result, it can help to reduce weight and also improve digestive system. Fiber daily intake recommended for women is 25 gr while men need 38 gr.

In banana with large size contains about 4 gr of fiber. Thus, banana is good for weight loss because the fiber will help to slow digestion, making you hard to get hungry. Besides, the starch in banana will help to convert glucose into energy.

- Carbohydrates         

Carbohydrate might be one of the cause of the question are bananas good for weight loss. It might be the reason why some people doubt banana for being supportive to dietary program.

The carbs contained in banana is about 23 gr to 31gr. However, carbs in bananas are going with fiber and starch. Thus, the carbs still have low-glycemic range.

- Glucose         

The glucose contained in banana will be very helpful if you are aiming for weight loss with sport activities. The sugar is digestible so it will be converted into energy.

Regular exercise is important for weight loss because you will still have energy and proportional weight. Hence, you won't get your energy depleted during exercise.

- Potassium          

Banana is also rich in potassium. It will help to avoid cramps and muscle pain. Therefore, you can have regular exercise without having problem with muscle or joints. Your dietary program will keep running well.            

Eating bananas to weight loss is safe as long you consume it in proper amount. Having a banana for your breakfast will help you to gain energy. It will be much better if you consume it before exercising.

It will give you more energy and make your muscle healthier. Another benefit of banana for weight loss is it has less pesticide residues because its thick peel. Hence, if you ask are bananas good for weight loss? The answer is yes. It's extremely good to accompany you doing your diet program. 

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  1. nice article actually I am suffering from some stomach disease that's why doctor suggested me to eat banana daily and for that reason I gain my weight so for me it is very good article to know what to do and what not

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