What Women Should Do To Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight gain and weight loss, women apparently are persons who suffer the most. Why is this happening?

There are some factors that we might not know yet. You might have weight issue right now, and begin to sick of reading too many articles and tips on how to lose weight and all about acupuncture and weight loss.

Well, why not giving this article a try. Remember that there is always hope if you keep on trying. When we give up, everything is over and we get nothing but weary and frustration. If all things you’ve tried do not give significant changes to your weight, there might be something wrong or missing from the way you do the tips on diet.

You need to know that weight loss is also supported by certain hormone. And, hormone in each of us is varied. Your boy friend might lose weight faster than you; or another person loses weight slower than you. This is because of hormone factors, but of course, there are some other factors that support.

acupuncture and weight loss

You might also have read some articles that said women lose weight slower than men. Did you keep on reading and know why?

Well, there is one hormone that controls and determines the ability of your body to burn fat, names Leptin. Let us study more of this hormone.

Leptin in our body works to speed up our metabolism and gives signals to body so that is burns fat. If we have low Leptin, our metabolism will slow down and we store fat. This causes you gain weight.

The good news is women have more Leptin than men. But the bad news is women are much less responsive to this hormone when it comes to fat burning. This Leptin resistance causes women easier to gain weight than men do.

Another bad news is when on diet, women produce less Leptin. We need to know more of things that support the production of Leptin in our body and how our body response in proper way when Leptin gives signals to burn fat. Foods, exercises or herbs can be some of those factors that we should learn in order to lose weight like we have been dreaming of.

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The Leptin condition is worse when a woman gets pregnant. That is why losing weight after pregnancy can be so frustrating and painful. Now one question might cross your mind. Is there a way to make our body response well when Leptin signals to burn fat?

The answer is yes, of course there is. Sit back and relax. You will get your flat tummy in your skinny sexy jeans again. Spare time and visit The 3 Weeks Diet. Read the whole things there including the product they offer to speed up your metabolism.

If you are lucky, you still get the good price with many discounts. So what are you waiting for? Learn the product they have, make up your mind and have a fun way to shed your fat.

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