Get More Vitamin D and Burn More Fat

Most people try too hard to lose weight without even knowing the effect of vitamin D weight loss to their body. It leads to a serious situation where you put yourself on risky diet which will affect your health. To burn more fat and lose weight, in fact you can consume more vitamin D to help.

Check your daily vitamin D consumption

How much vitamin D we need in a day? It is actually depends on your age, let’s say you are in between 9 and 70 years old, so you need minimum 600 IU/day and maximum 4,000 IU/day. At the same time you also need to be exposed to the sun shine for a while everyday. The best sun shine for your body is the morning sun, before 10 am.

This morning sun shine has lower UV level so you don’t have to worry about your skin getting burn or wrinkled. The sun shine will help your body process the vitamin D and calcium.

So how could we make sure that we get enough vitamin D through our daily food? It’s actually pretty easy, if in a day you have 85 gram of oily fish or 84 gram of portabello mushroom or 5 gram of cod liver oil you already get enough vitamin D from your diet. The vitamin D weight loss effect will be perfect when you also balance your metabolism.

Why vitamin D?

In fact vitamin D, almost all cells and tissues work with vitamin D including the immune systems, brain, muscles, heart, and pancreas. So it will help you loosing weight through several steps.

First, getting enough vitamin will make you eat less. When you consume enough vitamin D, your body will release more leptin hormone, the hormone which give you a signal to stop eating.

Applegate, Ph. D from University of California suggests you to consume high vitamin D breakfast so you will get the best effect of vitamin D for the whole day. At the same time, get enough vitamin D will help you to produce enough insulin to process the glucose in your blood stream which does not only proof vitamin D weight loss but also prevent diabetes.

Second, vitamin D helps your burning more fat. According to the studies at the University of Minnesota, it helps you burning more fat especially in the belly. Vitamin D reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which leads you to store belly fat.

Third, vitamin D helps your heart working well. When your heart works perfectly, the blood stream will be balanced and the whole metabolism system will work faster to process all kind of nutrition up to 70%. Therefore your body is asked to process the nutrition in your body maximally before giving you any hunger signal.

To lose weight faster, you can also consume some diet supplements. However, you have to be careful. It will be safer if you check some testimonial and the working system of the supplement just like in this links.

Some supplement can be very risky for it gives you an extreme effect to your body. Therefore, you need to find a supplement which can be matched to the natural work of your metabolism system especially when you get on vitamin D weight loss diet.

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