Privacy Policy

It is free for you to share and use the information in as long as you are following several rules.

First, you are not allowed to use this information for commercial purposes. Second, you are allowed to share this information as long as include the source of the information. Third, you also allowed to download the information (if there is any) and used it for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes.

The information offered here is for women so it is not suggested applied for children or men. In fact, men and children have different type of diet program.

Our team is also trying to share information which is collected carefully. It can be from your email or cases or the latest weight problem cases. You are also allowed to follow our newsletter so you can get the latest information from us regularly. This is including information about promotional e-mail from our website.

We also have an obligation to keep your personal information if you have to collect it to the process of gathering information from our website. We will not sell your data to the third party. Everything will be totally safe because our purpose to build this website is to give information about healthy diet for women.

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